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Suigei Shuzo


Tomo Yuzu 720ml

This quite refreshing liqueur can be enjoyed cool during a hot summer evening, as digestive after a nice meal or as the main ingredient in frozen cocktail.

Alcohol content
Service temperature
5o - 20oC

Kochi is the largest producer in Japan of yuzu , a versatile citrus fruit that has captured the imagination (and taste buds!) of chefs around the world. Yuzu is a major staple of Kochi's cuisine, used in cooking, beverages and even transformed into a variety of condiments.

One of the most popular citrus fruits in Japan, yuzu have a refreshing aroma and high acidity. Unlike other citrus fruits, which tend to grow best in warm coastal areas, yuzu thrive in colder, more mountainous regions.

Suigei Brewery crafted a very floral yet bold Yuzu liqueur which is reminiscent of the Limoncello from Italy. For relaxing times, you can also enjoy it on the rocks.

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