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Konishi Shuzo


Junmai Nigori 720ml

Shirayuki is the longest active saké brand in Japan and we are pleased to bring this extraordinary nigori saké to Luxembourg.

Sake Meter Value
-18 (Deep sweetness)
Seimai Buai (husking residue)
70% (coarse)
Alcohol content
Service temperature
8oC to 20oC

The Shirayuki brand is so famous that Japanese say that Fuji-san is to Mountain what Shirayuki is to Saké. Cloudy, silky, satiny, this extremely pleasant nigori has all the quality to make you enjoy its personality to the fullest.

Pairable with sweets and desserts, this nigori is also a great ingredient to cocktails. Do not hesitate to mix it with cream soda or pineapple juice or even drinkable yogurt, combinations are infinite.

Enjoyable chilled during hot summer evenings, this saké will take you to the clouds and beyond.

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