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Tajima Shuzo


Toku Yamahai 720ml

If you are looking to discover sake produced following the Yamahai method, please do not search further.

Sake Meter Value
+4 (Slightly Dry)
Seimai Buai (husking residue)
55% (elegant)
Alcohol content
Service temperature
8o - 22oC

Tajima Brewery uniquely craft sake produced using this method, making them the de facto specialist in such type of sake. Their international recognition throughout the years speaks for itself.

This sake, Platinum Medal of the Kura Master 2020 in the category Junmai, comes in mouth with no pretentions. Exclusively using Fukui Prefecture grown “Koshi no Shizuku” rice, the young Toji (Master Brewer) worked remarkably hard to craft this dry and graceful sake.

Extremely easy to pair with European and Japanese food alike, this Junmai Ginjo  can be enjoyed from cool to room temperature.

Open a cold bottle a the beginning of your meal, and let the sake accompany you all along so you can enjoy a nice flavors promenade on the avenue of food pairing.



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