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Suigei Shuzo


Suigei Tokubetsu Junmai 720ml

To get the best out of the sake rice, Suigei mills it until 55% of the rice grain remains. Each sake rice has its own unique characteristics depending on variety and origin of production.

Sake Meter Value
+7 (Dry)
Semai buai (husking residue)
55% (elegant)
Alcohol Content
Service temperature
5oC to 15o C

Suigei carefully examines the features of rice, prepare the rice for brewing, and control the quality of moromi mash. This junmai sake is brewed with a house-made koji that the brewery crafted to be strong, Kumamoto kobo yeast, and water from the headwaters of the Kagami river. After pressing, it’s stored in tanks at a low temperature, and bottled to order.

This junmai sake boasts a great rice umami and a sharp aftertaste. With a moderate aroma, acidity unique to Suigei, and a complex yet crisp taste, it's perfect to enjoy paired with any meal.

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