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Yonetsuru shuzo


Yonetsuru Pink Kappa 720ml

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The taste is fruity but slightly acid, with hints of strawberry, peach and acerola. Perfect with oysters, shabu shabu (ponzu), grilled white meat, gyoza, shellfish and mollusks.

Sake Meter Value
-36 (very sweet)
Seimai Buai (husking residue)
65% (refined)
Alcohol content
Service temperature
8°C to 55°C

Winner of the Gold Medal 2017 in the Atsukan contest (best hot sake in Japan), this particular sake with a slightly pink color is produced using Adenina red yeast, a very delicate yeast that, if not carefully processed, can die or leave room for other yeasts and bacteria. For this reason, only two other wineries in all of Japan use it to make sake.

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