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Sempuku Miyake Honten


Shinriki Genshu85 720ml

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Produced with 85% polished Shinriki rice and fermented with the Kimoto method, it is a sake with a fragrant aroma, a rich and round taste and a persistent finish.

Sake Meter Value
+5 (dry)
Seimai Buai (husking residue)
Alcohol content
Service temperature
12°C to 55°C

Shinriki rice or "divine rice" was extinct around 1910-20. In 2006 the Sempuku winery was able to revive this type of rice starting from a handful of Shinriki seeds it had found in one of its facilities. Applying the sake production methods of the 1910s, Shinriki 85 is produced with the kimoto method and is neither microfiltered with carbon nor diluted with water. It is therefore a Muroka Genshu sake.
The rice itself is much smaller than modern sakamai rice and therefore, while only smoothing 15%, an elegant flavor profile and aftertaste are achieved. Excellent to be enjoyed both cold and hot, paying attention to the proposed combination.

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