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Koikawa shuzo


Koikawa Beppin 720ml

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Aroma of rice, medium dry taste. Balanced, very fine bitter aftertaste.

Sake Meter Value
+4 (dry)
Seimai Buai (husking residue)
70% (refined)
Alcohol content
Service temperature
All temperatures

Junmai with a delicate but deep taste produced with Haenuki rice, which gives it a great balance.
Winner of the Slow Food Japan gold medal in 2014, with particular mention to its incredible versatility of service: this sake, in fact, can be served at any temperature, acquiring different characteristics and notes each time.
It is a very drinkable sake that can be enjoyed throughout the meal. Also from the point of view of food pairing, the watchword for this sake is "versatility": based on the temperature chosen, it can be combined with structured foods, such as stewed meat or grilled fish, if served hot, or with more delicate foods. , such as sushi or tartare, when served cold.

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