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Inaba Shuzo


Stella Muroka 720ml

The manual pressing allows to preserve the more fruity aromas of the rice and is revealed in the softness on the palate. To be paired with refined dishes such as sashimi or oysters.

Sake Meter Value
+1 (balanced)
Seimai Buai (husking residue)
50% (exceptional)
Alcohol content
Service temperature

With this sake we are faced with the diamond of this small local winery which, located at the foot of the Tsukuba mountain, uses only traditional methods and produces Junmai Daiginjo fermented for long periods at low temperatures and not microfiltered.

At the end of the process, the pressing is done manually with a technique called "fukurou tsuri", very rare and now almost disused, from which Shizukushu is obtained (natural pressing): a bag containing the sake is hung and the contents are made pour into the bottle without pressure. Tasting this sake we have the sensation of still being in the sakagura and having fished the sake directly from the tank, such is the freshness that results. Great bouquet of aromas that try to excel in a strong and present yet elegant balance. Sake to be served fresh but not too cold in a wine glass, to fully enjoy its aromas.

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