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Kouiku No. 54 720ml

“Gin-no-Yume” is the first sake rice developed in Kochi Prefecture.

Sake Meter Value
+7 (dry)
Seimai Buai (husking residue)
50% (exceptional)
Alcohol content
Service temperature
5°C to 15°C

Research and development was shared between the Kochi Prefectural Center for Agricultural Technology, responsible for growing new strains, and Suigei brewery, in charge of the sake test brewing.

After comprehensive testing, they finally perfected a variety, optimal for brewing' sake in Tosa (the traditional name of Kochi, home of Suigei). The brand name “Koiku No. 54” comes from the development test code “Koiku Sake No. 54”. The brewery employs traditional Kumamoto yeast to bring out the goodness of the Gin-no-Yume rice, then using spring water sourced from the headwaters of Kagami River, to slowly brew this sake with extra care.

The pure water and exquisite rice umami combine to deliver a robust body. The sake also exhibits refreshing citrus sourness and a subtle ginjo aroma, together they create a bright expression and bring out the flavors in paired dishes.

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