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Eau de vie Shonai


Kiyoizumi Yukimegami 720ml

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Great fruity and floral aroma, soft and linear taste, elegant finish with slight persistence.

Sake Meter Value
+1 (balance)
Seimai Buai (husking residue)
40% (exceptional)
Alcohol content
Service temperature

The first sake made with Yukimegami rice, a type developed in 2015 by the agricultural technology research center of Yamagata prefecture to produce the best Junmai Daiginjo possible. Yukimegami means "goddess of snow", a name that indicates the purity and softness of taste that can be obtained in a sake made with this rice. A very important feature is the low protein concentration in the grain, which allows greater control over amino acids during fermentation and greater development of Ginjo-ka. The plant is also easy to grow, as it does not reach a high height like other types used for the Ginjo category (Yamadanishiki, etc.). The cellar is made up of only a few kurabito (cellar workers) and was founded in 1875, maintaining traditional production techniques over time.

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