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Funaki Shuzo


Kitanosho Junmai Chomeisui 720ml

Funaki Brewery use the gorgeous Gohyaku-mangoku rice to produce this Junmai saké, winner of the Gold Saké medal at the Bordeaux Saké Challenge.

Sake Meter Value
+4.5 (dry)
Seimai Buai (husking residue)
65% (fine)
Alcohol content
Service temperature
8oC to 55oC

The fine polishing ratio of the grain gives silkiness and depth to this traditional saké. Equally enjoyable at cool but also at warm temperatures, it easily pairs with meats, stews and poultry as it pairs with more classic Japanese food like sushi, sashismi and other delicacies like tempura.

Chomeisui translates by Water of Longevity, and don’t hesitate to open a bottle and cheer to prosperity with your family and friends. This ricey and spirited saké will bring happiness and prosperity for many years ahead!


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