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Hyogo Yamadanishiki 50% 720ml

In making this refined sake, Suigei Brewery uses Yamadanishiki, the prestigious sake rice harvested in Hyogo Prefecture and mill it to 50%.

Sake Meter Value
+7 (dry)
Seimai Buai (husking residue)
50% (exceptional)
Alcohol content

Service temperature
5°C to 15°C

To bring out the character of the high quality Yamadanishiki rice, the brewery carefully selects koji and brew this daiginjo in small batches throughout the entire process. Suigei’s traditional Kumamoto yeast is used to create a superbly well-balanced flavor and aroma. After bottling, they age it chilled at -1℃ (30℉) and release it at the right time.

The brewery aim is to brew a sake with a well-balanced flavor and aroma, which epitomizes Suigei’s sake. The combination of Yamadanishiki and Kumamoto yeast together create a mellow taste. An elegant umami unfolds in the palate followed by a light ginjo aroma and a sharp, dry finish. It’s a superb junmai daiginjo that’s great for food pairing.

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