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Shirasugi Shuzo


Gin-Shari 720ml

Similar to its more refined brother, Gin-Shari is crafted from Sazanishiki rice, a rice used by demanding sushi chef when making nigiri sushi without the traditional stickiness of Japanese white rice.

Sake Meter Value
+3 (slightly dry)
Seimai Buai (husking residue)
60% (refined)
Alcohol content
Service temperature
8o C to 18o C

Gin-Shari means Silver Rice but is by no means lesser than its big Junmai Daiginjo brother Kin-Shari (Golden Rice).

This Tokubetsu Junmai is quite refined, presenting the same polishing ratio as of a Junmai Ginjo and a relatively higher than average alcohol level of 16.5% making this one a dry sake compared to the Gold Rice version.

A marriage of 2 different yeasts were used while slowly hand-crafting this joyful sake which gives an impressive versatility in terms of food pairing, European or Japanese alike, and comes to mouth very sharp then enhancing the flavors of your meals.

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