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Shirasugi Shuzo


Black Swan 720ml

When thinking of swans, one might think of a delicate and pure white bird usually floating on ponds. The Toji (Master Brewer) at Shirasugi used a vibrant white table rice variety, Milky-Queen, to craft this very subtle sake.

Sake Meter Value
+4 (slightly dry)
Seimai Buai (husking residue)
60% (refined)
Alcohol content
Service temperature
5°C to 15°C

The black then comes from using only Black Koji, usually used in the production of Shochu (a distilled Japanese alcohol resembling vodka).

And from this uncommon crafting combination, a Black Swan was born. Be reassure, this isn’t bad omen, but rather a very interesting sake that pushes the boundaries to new horizons. Pungent touches of rice are coupled with a bitter-sweet aftertaste, which results in a great astonishment in your mouth.

Great to be enjoyed as is, but also by mixing soda or sparkling water.

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