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Shirasugi Shuzo


Black Label Revolution 720ml

For their Black Label series, the Shirasugi Brewery is using Black Koji exclusively during the fermentation process. Black Koji is essentially used to produce shōchū (Japan's traditional distilled beverage) and uncommon in sake production where Yellow Koji is prevailing.

Sake Meter Value
-5 (Sweet)
Seimai Buai (husking residue)
50% (exceptional)
Alcohol content
Service temperature

Tango-Koshihikari rice, native to the region and one of the most sought-after table rice variety,  is the main ingredient of this black label brew; giving to this sake its quite charming aromas and elegant taste. In fact, the delicate taste of the rice is wrapped around fragrances of apples and muscats rendering a pleasant experience to the palate and the nose.

Shirasugi Brewery started a real Revolution with this complex, yet subtle, unfiltered and undiluted Junmai Daiginjo where the qualities of the Tango-Koshihikari rice and the character of the Black Koji ingeniously come together to make you say Kampaï more than once!

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