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So much to learn about Japanese Sake!

Dewa – Sasayaki Whisky – 700ml


“Sasayaki is produced in the city of Ogumi, in the prefecture of Yamagata. Maturation in Mizunara casks imparts notes of honey and vanilla. Spices emerge with each sip, harmoniously.




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A welcoming, delicate, and fragrant bouquet gracefully moves across the palate, culminating in a clean finish. The Mizunara oak, used to mature Sasayaki, is a spectacle to behold, almost mystical in appearance, with twisted branches extending like mighty vines in every direction, reaching towards the sun. Mizunara, translating to “water oak,” owes its name to the wood’s incredible porosity and susceptibility to leakage.

One of the most impressive features of the Mizunara oak is that it must mature for 100 years before being used to craft a barrel and age whisky. Its aromatic qualities, irregularities, and rarity are all reasons why a new Mizunara oak barrel costs over $6,000. Mizunara is one of the most exclusive ways to age whisky, and nothing else would be more fitting for Sasayaki.

Notes of honey, vanilla, and spices emerge with each sip, in a harmonious manner.”