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Matching the right dish can be a great added value to better enjoy sake, which, just like wine, is usually drunk during a meal.
Sake is the ideal companion of many foods, not only of Japanese cuisine, but also of Italian and European cuisine.
Let yourself be guided by the proposals studied by our sake sommeliers to experiment with new and incredible combinations at home.



With sushi, usually consisting of a base of rice and raw fish, combine a fresh sake, both in terms of temperature (about 10 ° C) and taste.
Junmai with mineral notes and aromatic and elegant Junmai Daiginjo are the perfect companions to enhance the taste of this dish, but Junmai Ginjo with a sweeter finish can also help if you go to enjoy a maki roll with avocado or spicy sauces.

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Honjozo with a rich character, but also Junmai Kimoto and aged sake, better if served at room temperature, can be served with grilled meat, but also with cured meats and sausages, accentuating any smoky notes, but also giving continuity to the taste umami that release red meats.
Honjozo and Futsushu with a fresh taste, but also Junmai Ginjo, are the sake recommended for white meats.

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Whether served as a main course, or as an ingredient for pasta sauce and risotto, our advice is to combine a glass of Junmai Daiginjo or Junmai Ginjo sake, especially for white fish.
For fish with higher fat content, or cooked with more spicy recipes, you can try a Junmai instead, with a slightly stronger taste.

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Depending on the degree of spiciness and the main ingredient, the pairing options are varied, from Nigori sake, which with its slight sweetness can help smooth out the spiciness, to drier Junmai which can help cleanse the palate.
Also try sake genshu (undiluted), which with their structure can cope with spicy or spicy dishes.

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Fried Food

Whether they are meat or fish, fried in Italian style or in tempura as in the Japanese tradition, the most suitable sake in combination with these dishes are Junmai and Honjozo, with more marked acidity and a refreshing taste. Tokubetsu Junmai can be a valid option for those looking for these characteristics on the palate, without losing too much in the aromatic part.

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For fresh and soft cheeses, we combine a Kimoto, Junmai or Honjozo, or a richer tasting Junmai Ginjo or a slightly aged sake.
While for aged or blue cheeses, enjoy a sake with longer aging, where the notes of umami excel, or let yourself be tempted by a Shochu, distilled barley or sweet potatoes.

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The world of aged sake is certainly the most suitable to be enjoyed with cocoa, guaranteeing the structure and also a light sweet note suitable to accompany chocolate-based desserts.
Umeshu can be a fresher option, especially when accompanied with milk or white chocolate.

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Sweets & Desserts

Fruit-based desserts are the ideal choice to accompany the range of fruity sake, Yuzushu, Umeshu and many others, served fresh, are also perfect for dry pastries and pies.
For chocolate-based desserts, on the other hand, we recommend aged sake, while sparkling sake can be a substitute for muscat, thanks to their slightly sweet finish.

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