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Suigei Shuzo


Rénowa 720ml

Suigei uses 100% Yamadanishiki, the most prestigious sake rice, to craft this sake.

Sake Meter Value
+8 (Dry)
Seimai Buai (husking residue)
70% (coarse)
Alcohol content
Service teperature
5oC to 25oC

Two kobo yeasts, AC95 (Kochi kobo) and KA-4 (Kumamoto kobo), are employed to control fermentation. We achieved the highest sake meter value (SMV) and simultaneously the lowest alcohol content ever in Suigei’s history, resulting in a nice and soft taste.

Rénowa features a soft impression, a taste profile that sets it apart from other Suigei sakes. We hope you enjoy its “gentle mouthfeel” and “smooth texture”. These qualities make this junmai sake food friendly. It can just as easily accompany dishes that highlight the essence of ingredients as well as simply seasoned appetizers.

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