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Funaki Shuzo


Kitanosho Daigin Nozomi 720ml

Sake Company is proud to bring to Luxembourg this exquisite sake, winner of the 2021 Bordeaux Sake Challenge Platinum Medal!

Sake Meter Value
+4 (slightly dry)
Seimai Buai (husking residue)
40% (remarkable)
Alcohol content
Service temperature
5°C to 20°C

Located in eastern part of the Fukui Prefecture, Funaki Brewery keeps its traditional sake production techniques since their founding in 1866. The Kuzuryu river, situated to the north of the Brewery provides water of outstanding quality for sake brewing. This premium sake is made exclusively in small batches and entirely by hands using the king of all saké rice: Yamadanishiki. Its remarkable polishing rate liberates delicate and fragrant aromas of melon, papaya and apricots that are better enjoyed when the sake is cool.

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