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Konishi Shuzo


Konishi Hiyashibori Gold 720ml

Great fruity and floral aroma, preserved by single pasteurization. Excellent Daiginjo taste enhanced by the added alcohol.

Sake Meter Value
+1 (balanced)
Seimai Buai (husking residue)
50% (exceptional)
Alcohol content
15% -16%
Service temperature
5°C to 15°C

Daiginjo Nama Chozo (single pasteurization) round and fairly full-bodied produced in Hyogo prefecture. The well balanced and very elegant taste makes it an excellent candidate for use throughout the meal. Thanks to the single pasteurization after bottling, a characteristic of this manufacturer's Hiyashibori series, most of the fruity and floral aroma is kept intact and spreads very intensely.
We recommend that you drink it in a wine glass, which is important to better enjoy the particular bouquet. On the palate it is deep and soft, with the typical taste of Daiginjo which is even more enhanced by the small percentage of added alcohol. It fits very well with both Japanese and European cuisine.

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