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Shirasugi Shuzo


Black Label Brilliant 720ml

For their Black Label series, the Shirasugi Brewery is using Black Koji exclusively during the fermentation process. Black Koji is essentially used to produce shōchū (Japan's traditional distilled beverage) and uncommon in sake production where Yellow Koji is prevailing.

Sake Meter Value
-5 (Sweet)
Seimai Buai (husking residue)
55% (elegant)
Alcohol content
Service temperature
Da 8o C a 15o C

For this Brilliant version, the Tango-Koshihikari rice, is polished to 55%, allowing for the aromas to present their full elegance. This subtle and refined Pure Rice, unfiltered, undiluted Ginjo suggests delicate connotations of strawberries giving it a mellow, yet acidulous taste in mouth.

Shirasugi Brewery was able to combine the particularities of the Black Koji and great qualities of the Tango-Koshihikari rice to the great pleasure of your nose and palate! Brilliant!

To enjoy in a wine glass.

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