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Tajima Shuzo


Sakahomaré Junmai Karakuchi 720ml

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The Tajima Brewing Company has been producing top notch' sake for a hundred years using the Yamahai method.

Sake Meter Value
+6 Dry
Seimai Buai (husking residue)
70% (coarse)
Alcohol content
Service Temperature
12oC to 30oC

The small team, made up of only four kurabito, or brewery workers, and the head brew master, works tirelessly to craft unique, unrivalled sake. The whole crew feels lucky to be part of such a special craft and culture, so their mascot is an owl, well known as a symbol of luck in Japan. Despite its small size, Tajima Brewing Company is proud to share sake and happiness with the world.

This sake is crafted using solely Fukui grown  Sakahomare rice. The prefecture spent eight years developing this Sakamai which showcases an elegant aroma once crafted into sake. Sakahomare is curated specially for Daiginjo grades sake, however Fukuchitose is celebrating its raw personality in this Junmai Karakuchi sake.

Enjoy the silky mouthfeel with sharp and clean flavours. Perfect with any meal.

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